Era Of Change: Kaduna LG Chairman Slash Own Salary, Allowances By 50%

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The newly appointed interim Local Government chairman for Kudan
Local Government in Kaduna state, Dauda Iliya Abba, has slashed his
salary and allowances by 50 per cent. Abba, who was sworn in last week
by Kaduna state governor, Nasir El Rufai made the announcement in a
statement signed by him yesterday.

He is perhaps the first and only local government chairman to cut his
salary and allowances by half, taking a cue from the state governor who
had in the first week of assuming office slashed his salary by 50 per cent.
Read his press statement after the cut.

“I, Dauda Iliya Abba, interim Chairman of Kudan Local Government in
Kaduna State, hereby announce that henceforth my salary and allowances
have been cut downward by 50%.”

“This cost-cutting measure has become imperative considering the
economic realities of Kudan Local Government Area. I also appeal to
members of my team, particularly the interim councillors to emulate this
collective sacrifice as exemplified by our leaders, the President
Muhammadu Buhari and our state Governor, Mal. Nasir Ahmad El-

“This will go a long way in resuscitating our dilapidated infrastructures,
as this administration will no longer tolerate wastage and leakages of
public funds at the detriment of the overriding interest of the majority
that we are here to serve.

“In addition, Kudan will lead the way in enhancing transparency in the
way the Local Government resources are being spent.

“As a first step, we shall be publishing all our proceeds in terms of
allocation and other accrued revenues regularly.
“How these proceeds are being spent, shall always be subjected to public
knowledge. As we are in the public service to serve the public. Therefore,
public funds must be subjected to public scrutiny. In the end, Kaduna
will be great again,” he said.

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