Divorce: ‘My Wife Sleeps Around With Boys’ – 60-Yr-Old Husband Cries Out

A 60-year-old man, Saliu Yekini, has begged an Ojo Customary Court
sitting in Lagos, to dissolve his marriage to his 34-year-old wife, Latifat,
on the account that she is promiscuous and sleeps around with boys.

But the wife, on the other hand, accused Yekini of being irresponsible,
excessive drunk, threatening her life and not caring for her and their

“My husband is only looking for a cover up to justify his
irresponsibility. I am also fed up with the marriage and do support the

The court President. Joseph Ogunmola, therefore granted the wishes of
the couple and dissolved the marriage, citing his ground on lack of love
in the union.

“The court is not in doubt that the marriage between Saliu and Latifat
Yekini has broken down irretrievably. The court hereby officially
dissolves the marriage.

The custody of a one-year-old baby girl from the marriage is hereby
awarded to the respondent, under the supervision of the sister-in-law.

The petitioner is directed to pay N5,000 monthly to the respondent for
feeding of the baby and should also take charge of medical and education
needs of the child.”

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