Crisis Tears D’Tunes And Sean Tizzle Apart As Sean Tizzle Floats New Label

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If the ongoing crisis between talented producer and CEO of Difference
Entertainment, D’Tunes and his artiste, Sean Tizzle is not well managed,
the duo may soon go their separate ways in no distant future.

There are strong indications that all is not well.

E-Rave gathered from a close aide of the duo who pleaded anonymity
that the strain in their ‘one-time’ perfect relationship began when Sean
Tizzle embarked on a US tour earlier in the year without the approval of
the label.

The tour we scooped affected the label’s income after shows secured for
Sean Tizzle were cancelled and funds returned to event organizers due to
his inability to grace such shows.

The issue degenerated to a heated argument between the D’Tunes and
Sean Tizzle when he (Sean) returns to the country and they were not on
good terms for some days before they later made up partially.

Another round of argument ensured with Sean Tizzle’s new video, Abeg
which was shot in America without any notice or approval of the label.

Sean is also not happy that D’Tunes has signed five new artistes on the
label while he was away.

We were informed the latest development has made him insecure and he
rarely associate with the new acts.

Though Sean Tizzle has vehemently denied a crack in their relationship
in recent interviews, things are not going on well between the pair who
live in the same apartment in Lekki, Lagos.

Recall while Sean Tizzle was on tour in the US, Difference
Entertainment signed five new artistes; Q-Dot, Bad Boy Ace, D-O, ATM,
and Kue Bounce.

It was assumed that D’tunes is already preparing for him dumping the
brand in the nearest future.

However, E-Rave put a call across to D’Tunes to get his own side of the
story but he claimed he was in a meeting and several calls put across to
him afterward was not picked.

An email sent to Sean Tizzle was also not replied as at the time of this

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