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Corp Member Gets N100,000 for Losing HisLeg During Service!

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Saw this on Punch Newspaper and decided to share
with you’ll.
A former corps member, Emmanuel Unogu,
has been offered N100,000 by the National
Youth Service Corps for the loss of his right
leg during the service year Unogu, who served with
the Urueffong/Oruka Local Government, Akwa Ibom
State in 2008,
was involved in an auto accident, which later led to
the loss of his leg.
It was reported on April 18, 2013 that Unogu
was involved in the accident while on his way to
on October 26, 2008.
Although the state’s NYSC authorities were
said to have been aware of the accident,
Unogu allegedly did not receive proper
medical attention.
By the time he contacted his father who took him
the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State,
Unogu’s broken leg had been infected with
The leg was later amputated due to the infection.
It was learnt that the NYSC eventually called
the former corps member in February 2014 to
intimate him of the organisation’s plan.
Unogu said, “After my lawyer had written
many times to the NYSC, I got a call from
them for the first time last month. A woman
from the NYSC office Abuja told me that she
wanted to confirm my identity. She told me
that I would be paid N100,000 as compensation.
“Another person called me three weeks later
to say that a cheque of N100,000 was being
prepared and asked me for an account
number that it would be paid into.
“Last week, another man called again. He said I
expect the cheque this week. I asked the man what
the cheque was for; was the NYSC paying for the
amputation of my leg or was the money meant to
acquire a prosthetic leg?
“When I began to question the man, he had no
He just sympathised with me and asked me to take
In response to Unogu’s enquiries in 2008, the
Prosthetic Center had sent an
estimate of £4,000 for a prosthetic leg,
excluding transport.
Unogu’s lawyer, Mr. Benjamin Odeh, said that
of the correspondence with the
prosthetic hospital were attached to the
letters sent to the NYSC office in Abuja
concerning Unogu.
Already, the Akwa Ibom secretariat of the
NYSC was said to have given N290,000 to
Unogu as a refund on the amount he incurred as
medical expenses while on admission at the FMC,
Unogu said, “I was told by the NYSC, Akwa
Ibom, after they refunded my medical
expenses, that the rest was left for Abuja. But from
the look of things, I don’t think the NYSC national
secratariat is going to do anything reasonable.
What I
need now is the funds to get a prosthetic leg so I
live a normal life.”
Odeh expressed his disappointment at the
N100, 000 that was offered as compensation
to the former corps member.
He said, “It is unthinkable that a youth that
was compulsorily enrolled to serve his country and
lost his limb in the process, is being offered
“What exactly is the money for? Is Unogu
being paid for the amputation? As it is, we
intend to file a suit against the Federal
Government. The Attorney General of the
Federation and the NYSC will be joined in the suit
the injustice Unogu has suffered.”
When the Assistant Director, Press, of the
NYSC, Mr. Edie, was contacted, he said, “Has
the person been paid? If he has not, then
there is not much I can say. However, I am
currently away from Abuja; I will be back next
By then, I will be able to give you an informed

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