Church Of England Approves Women Bishops

For the first time in history, the Church of England has
approved women to become bishops.

The historical change was announced after a ruling by
the General Synod which gave approval to legislation
when two-thirds majority voted in favor.

The change was first rejected by the traditionalist lay
members in 2012 although the votes were backed by
the Houses of Bishops and Clergy.

According to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin
Welby, he said he was “delighted” by the latest
development but some opponents were not convinced
by the ‘preferential allowance’ granted to the women.

The important votes in the house of Laity were 152 in
favour, 45 against, and there were five abstentions,
while in November 2012 the change was stopped by
just six votes cast by the lay members.

In the house of Bishops, 37 were in favour, two
against, and there was one abstention. The House of
Clergy voted 162 in favour, 25 against and there were
four abstentions.

The first women bishops could be announced and
ordained by next year.

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