Buhari Set To Reduce Ministries From 42 To 19; Merge EFCC With ICPC And Scrape 50 Govt Agencies

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President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have accepted the
recommendation of the transition committee to slash the number of
ministries from the present 42 to 19 with a view to saving cost and
making them more effective and responsive to the needs of

Many of the ministries have also been merged to ensure proper
coordination of duties and ensure greater efficiency and service delivery.

This development comes after three weeks of consultations with
international and Nigeria’s political leaders

According to Vanguard, a presidency source said that the number of
Federal Government departments and agencies had also been trimmed in
line with the policy of the administration.
Effectively, it means that no fewer than 50 of the MDAs that were not
backed by relevant laws might be scrapped and their staff moved into
relevant departments to save cost.

The Presidency source hinted,”But the point being made is that relevant
MDAs that will exist under the present administration must be those
backed by laws.

“What that means is that the era of doing things the wrong way to please
certain persons in positions of power is over.”
Shedding light on some of the ministries that had been merged, the
official pointed out that the Ministry of Aviation and relevant agencies
had been subsumed with Inland Waterways and associated agencies.

Similarly, the Ministry of Agriculture has been merged with that of
Water Resources under what the Presidency source described as the
consolidation of larger ministries.

It was learnt that under the administration of Buhari, only 19 ministers
and 17 ministers of state would operate as opposed to the previous
arrangement where there were at least 42.
It was further gathered that some ministries would be run by senior
ministers while others would be manned by junior ministers to save cost.

On the fight against corruption, the source disclosed to Vanguard that
the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is to be
merged with the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, to
tackle graft in a new way that would be prompt, fearless and decisive.

A top source also said Buhari was expected to make some key
appointments this week so as to get the machinery of his administration

Source : Vanguard

We sure cant wait for the new announcements…..i can imagine some
peoples heart pounding ‘gidigba gidigba’ waiting to see if they will be
appointed..lol its obvious next week will be so full of drama and shock.

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