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Breaking News:- APC Breaks Up In Lagos

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A new faction of All Progressives Congress (APC)
headed by State Chairman of defunct Congress for
Progressives Change (CPC), Chief Ajibade
Emiabata has emerged.
Explaining the action at the new faction’s Ade-
Onitimirin Street, Surulere, Lagos Secretariat on
Wednesday, Emiabata said the merger that birthed
APC has since been marginalizing him and
chairmen of two other political parties ― All
Progressive People’s Party (ANPP) and All
Progressive Grand Alliance (ANPP) ― that make up
the party.
Emiabata said the sidelining came to a head at the
Stakeholders’ Forum held at the party’s
Secretariat, Acme road, Ikeja, on Wednesday. He
complained that activities at the Stakeholders’
Forum were conducted as if the party was still the
defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), an
action he described as unacceptable.
“We are not going to leave the party for them, we
are still members of the party”, Emiabata asserted.
“We’re going nowhere because we’re part of the
merger. The fact that you are majority does not
mean you shouldn’t recognise us. We’re not asking
for equal right, but we want to be recognised.”
The division is coming less than 24 hours to the
beginning of the party’s ward congresses,
scheduled to run from 5th April to 24th May
concluding with the National Convention.
Emiabata called on all other party faithful from the
sidelined parties to boycott activities of the
congresses and conventions until they are
accepted and properly recognised. He said he is
less concerned if this method of protest would
work, but he only wants to register his grievances.
“I hereby direct all leaders, officers and members
of the defunct CPC in APC to submit themselves
only to my authority as the Chairman of APC in
Lagos, and affirm the total dissociation of Lagos
APC from Otunba Oladele Ajomale’s unilaterally
organised ward Congresses for Saturday 5th of
April 2014 across 376 wards of Lagos State”, He
He later explained how the whole matter started
and got to the point of dividing the party.
“Since Saturday 11th May 2013, the Lagos State
CPC, along with other states in the federation met
at the National Convention and considered the
motion to merge with other political parties
namely; ACN and ANPP and adopted the name APC
as a common party”, Emiabata explained.
He said that thereafter, the interim national
executives were appointed in Abuja where the
merging parties agreed to set up State
Harmonisation Committees across the federation.
He said all other states, except Lagos, promptly
constituted and inaugurated the committees.
He accused Otunba Niyi Adebayo, who has the
responsibility to lead the constitution and
inauguration of the committee in the state, of
conspiring with the leadership of defunct ACN in
the state not to inaugurate the committee.
“Sadly, our case in Lagos State is terribly
different”, he lamented.
“The party-structure of defunct ACN, led by Otunba
Oladele Ajomale, not only reconvened in the name
of APC but operates solely and takes decisions
independently of the other legacy parties
especially the defunct CPC on behalf of APC in
Lagos State.
“This unfortunate incident nearly marred the party
membership registration exercise but the state
leadership of the CPC calmed the storm in order to
ensure the success of the merger that produced
APC with passion.
The factional leader finally called on all party
members to remain calm, steadfast, and continue
with their normal party business and to await
further directives and developments from him.

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Updated: April 6, 2014 — 11:06 am
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