Boko Haram! President Buhari Plans To Relocate To Maiduguri To “Lead The Fight”

This was part of the decision the president reached with the service
chiefs during their meeting yesterday at the defence house in Abuja.

Buhari had in his inaugural speech directed that the command centre of
the military’s fight against Boko Haram be relocated to Maiduguri, the
hotbed of the insurgents, but sources who was privy to the meeting said
Buhari’s decision to relocate the command centre was because he has
made up his mind to also relocate to the terrorist ravaged city.

The Complex recalls that during his campaign, President Buhari at the
Chatham House in London had vowed to “lead from the front” in the
fight against Boko Haram if elected in the country’s forthcoming

According to our source, Buhari told the military chiefs that he will be in
Maiduguri for six months if necessary, to coordinate the fight against the
insurgents, but the service chiefs plead with him that six months is too
long for the president and the command centre to be in Maiduguri.

The service chiefs tried to pressure the president into abandoning the
idea, but he insisted on keeping to his campaign promise of leading the
fight from the front, the source said.

After much pressure from the service chiefs, Buhari then agreed to
reduce the period he will stay upon his relocation to Maiduguri, but
insisted that he must move to Maiduguri at least for a few month.