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Boko Haram Member Speaks With BBC, Says Only Prisoner Exchange Can Secure The Girls Release

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A man who described himself as a teacher/scholar inside the
Boko Haram camp today July 8th spoke anonymously with
Tobi Oladipo of BBC World radio service where he stated
that it’s only the release of their imprisoned members by the
Federal Government that can make them release the over 200
Chibok girls they abducted on April 14th at the Government
Girls Secondary School in Chibok.

“Yes we want the Nigerian government to release our
members. As our leader Abubakar Shekau promised to the
media, if today the government releases our members,
tomorrow or the next day we promise you can see all of
them (the girls) sure. We would release them tomorrow or
the next day.” he told BBC World Radio.

Seaking further, the man said the abducted girls are in good
condition and are well catered for

“I am telling you a fact, they are in a state of amnesty. They
don’t have a problem. Some of them have belief in Islam,
some of them say they would not convert to Islam but we
didn’t differentiate them, we treat them equally. They are
healthy, feeding and all these. We didn’t differentiate
between them at all, why because, Allah commands us to do
them equally. Some of them say they would not come back
to Islam, we ask them to stay, no problem. There is no
forcing in Islam but some of them not Muslims are
converting to Islam but we are not differentiating them. If
you see them now, you would see they don’t have any
problem”he said

The man also said Boko Haram attacks anyone who gives out
information about them and their activities
“Under Islam, killing children and women is not accepted
you understand, but if they are fighting you, then you must
fight them but if they are not fighting you, then it is not
accepted weather they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Do not
fight them, it is not accepted but if you bomb somewhere or
make arrest somewhere, it will affect them but killing
children and women is not accepted” he said

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Updated: July 9, 2014 — 7:23 am
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