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BIZARRE: Man beheads own father, eats hisflesh in Ebonyi (Viewer Discretion)

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A young man in Ebonyi has been arrested by police
in the
state following reports that he killed his own
30-year-old Nwode Chukwudi Awam is said to have
decapitated Michael Awam, 56 at Egwudinagu
Obegu village
in the Ebonyi Local Government Area of the state
The suspect is also said to have eaten his father’s
flesh saying
that a voice spoke to him and ordered him to
commit the act.
Vanguard reports:
The State Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant
Superintendent of Police Chris Anyanwu, said: “The
State Command has arrested Nwode Chukwudi,
30, who
hails from Egwudinagu Obegu village in Ebonyi
Government Area for beheading his biological
“The remains of the victim were deposited at the
Teaching Hospital, FETHA, mortuary for autopsy.
“When the police went for him, he was waving the
which he used to cut his father’s head and
threatening to kill
anybody that gets close to him. He was
overpowered all the
“He was seen eating the entire stub of the neck. So
you look at the exhibit, the head doesn’t have the
neck even
though he did the beheading from the base of the
You will not see the part of the body that is
supposed to be
the neck; he ate it up.
“We can say that it is not unconnected with ritual
because it
does appear that he may have been asked to do
such a
thing. “But as I said, he is still undergoing
investigation and if the suspect yields, we will
discover the real reason behind the
dastardly act,” Anyanwu added. The suspect, who
was seen intermittently smiling and Looking
suspiciously calm, said he carried out the act after
he heard a voice which told him to go to his village
and kill his father. His uncle, Mr. Joseph Nwite, said
that the suspect had been away from home for
over six years, adding “he just came back from Imo
State and killed his father.”

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