APC is Divided- Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso

Former Kano state governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso said that
APC has been divided by the recent NASS crisis that hit the

Rabiu who is now a Senator told reporters on Monday, June
15, 2015 in Abuja that “On the issue of what went wrong with
our party with regard to the crisis during the election of the
National Assembly leadership, I think so many things went
wrong prominent of which has to do with time. The election
was something that has relationship with time and we know
very well that we had so many weeks to prepare ourselves
for the elections in the legislative chambers. I wished time
was really taken to ensure that we had a successful

He also said “Although this is not the time to begin to trade
blames, many of us had drawn the attention of our leaders
to do the right thing at the right time. Sometimes, you might
decide to do the right thing at the wrong time that will
certainly back- fire,”

“I think the party is unfortunately divided but it is not too
late to correct things. The party should take steps to correct
things and to ensure that the crisis is quickly put behind it,”
The former governor also said he warned Bukola Saraki not
to carry out activities that will put the party in crisis but
Saraki refused.