APC Crisis Getting Worse; Northern Leaders Ready for Fight

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Fresh facts have indicated that the national caucus meeting of the
APC scheduled for Monday was cancelled because of the suspicion
within the party.

It was learnt that the APC leadership called off the meeting because of
reported anger of some leaders of the ruling party in the North following
insinuations by Chief Bisi Akande that they were behind the crisis in the

Akande, a former interim national chairman of the APC, had in a letter
made public on Monday alleged, among other things, that, “Most
Northern elite, the Nigerian oil subsidy barons and other business cartels,
who never liked (President Muhammadu) Buhari’s anti-corruption
political stance, are quickly backing up the rebellion against APC with
strong support.”

A member of the party’s caucus from the North-East geopolitical zone,
who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the
matter, said it would have been a rancorous session if the caucus meeting
had held in what he described as “such an atmosphere of mutual

The party leader, who in fact said he would have spoken on the record if
not for the fence-mending efforts being made by other leaders of the
party, told PUNCH that:

“We (northerners) are unhappy about Chief (Bisi) Akande’s outburst. It
was unnecessary because we are all trying to put out a fire that is
threatening to consume our house. And when you have a respected leader
and elder making such unguarded statements it does not help.

“I personally hold Chief Akande in high esteem but what he wrote in that
letter was nothing short of an insult on our collective sensibilities. How
can you single out a section of your party and call them criminals who
were supporting rebels to destroy the party we all built? This is most
unexpected and uncharitable to say the least.”
Also, an APC chieftain, Alhaji Kawu Baraje, on Tuesday, described
Akande’s statement as unfortunate.

Also, another top member of the APC National Working Committee,
who did not want his name mentioned, said that the meeting was
postponed to allow tempers to go down.

“All leaders are in touch with one another and I can a$$ure you that the
crisis will be resolved on Friday.”

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