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9 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone Instead Of An iPhone

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Ever since telephone was invented it has undergone several
modifications and new brands and operating system are being released
every now and then over the years. These changes have been made to
adapt to our various lifestyles, and phones have long since been
digressed from the primary function (making and receiving calls) to
much more complicated tasks. Among all the operating system being
released and as far as mobile devices are concerned, Android and IPhone
are the two most popular so far as they constitute more than 90% the
smartphone OS market.

You’ll agree with me that IPhone operating system (OS) is slightly better
than the android operating system, I strongly believe that there is
multitude of reason why you should buy an android phone instead of an
IPhone. Without wasting much of your time, below are nine reasons why
you should buy an android phone rather than an iPhone:

1. OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM: Nothing is sweeter about an android
phone than the fact that it is an open source operating system which
means that as a user, you can contribute your own ideas, no matter how
little it may appear, and even add applications without worrying about
license and other pressing issues that may become trouble later on. To
software developers, this is a plus because it helps you advertise and
expand your products.

2. VENDORS ENDORSEMENT: In buying an android phone, you have
a wide range of selection to make because many manufacturers such as
LG, HTC Sony and Samsung support it. Android operating system(OS)
also have captured the interest of some computer vendors such as Dell
and Acer who have shown interest in manufacturing android based
However, other mobile operating system such as IOS and Symbian are
controlled solely by their manufacturers, Apple and Nokia respectively.
So tell me, which would you choose, android OS that has a wide range of
support or IPhone that is supported only by their makers?

3. CUSTOM LAUNCHERS: One great feature of android OS is the
ability to be customized. Like other aspects, you can easily change the
launcher that comes along with your android device to any launcher of
your choice. There are many custom launcher apps in Google play store
and you can easily get the ones that suit your taste. You might want to
change your screen layout, icons, gestures, page transitions and many
more. Android OS gives you the opportunity to do this.

4. AFFORDABILITY: I know you have been waiting for this one
(LOL). All the reasons I’ve been mentioning would make no sense if the
price range is not treated because it is an important factor in making any
purchase. As far as price is concerned, the most favourable thing is that
you don’t have to worry about your budget when buying an android
phone because you can get one within the range of $70 to $1000. It all
depends on your choice. As you can see, android provides you with much
options and features that fits your budget.

5. EASY CUSTOMIZATION: Yes, this point is self-explanatory.
Android OS is great and gives you tons of options to make your device
appear just the way you want it. You don’t necessarily have to continue
using the default settings, and if you want to, you can easily change
them. To add to it, all mobile apps downloaded from the android market
are very compatible with android smartphones making their
customisation easy.

owned by Google makes the operating system (OS) connected with
virtually all Google products such as Google Docs, Google+, Gmail,
Google maps, etc. with this, you don’t have to look for or worry about
any settings for Google services because all the necessary data and
settings for Google will be copied automatically to your device which
gives you access to multiple applications that you can use between phone
and PC.

7. MORE FREE GAMES AND APPS: this is undoubtedly one of the
best reasons you should buy an android phone because you get more free
apps and games in the android market than in the apple store.
An example of these free apps is angry bird. On Google play store it is
free but sold for $0.99 each in the apple store. So which would you go

8. WIDGETS FLEXIBILITY: This is another great feature about
android worth mentioning. Widgets can be easily placed on your home
screen enabling you to quickly access apps on your phone and get all info
you want without opening an app. All these are easy on android OS.

9. CUSTOM ROMS: lastly but definitely not the least, you can
customize the stock ROM that comes with your android device if you
want. You need to do this if you want to boost your phones performance
or gain access to some tools or add-ons. This might be a little tedious
task, so you need to apply caution so as not to run into trouble.

10. feel free to add yours.

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Updated: July 3, 2015 — 8:57 pm
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