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33 Year Old Aspiring Musician Spends Over $100,000 To Look Like Justin Bieber


How interesting. 33-year-old L.A.-based songwriter
Toby Sheldon is a true Belieber to the core.

On E!’s new series – Botched (all about plastic/
cosmetic surgery), Sheldon revealed that he had spent
more than $100,000 in surgeries to look like 18-year-
old Justin Bieber – not his 20-year-old version.

“Hair transplant”, he begins talking about the
surgeries, “I had my lips done, my upper lip lifted…in
this kind of permanent smirk, like Justin has, my lower
lip lifted to hide more of the bottom teeth…he has a
six pack, so I got some liposuction” he finished.
But Toby isn’t done, he still wants more surgery.
“Basically, I would love to get my forehead reduced,
then a jaw reduction.”

The doctor said the surgery will make his forehead
look disformed, Toby’s reply? “There’s hats to cover it
with. It’s two months of misery for a lifetime of

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Updated: July 15, 2014 — 5:02 pm
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