30 Days In Office: Some Governors Refuse To Declare Assets

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Some state governors have refused to declare their assets 30 days
after assuming office, the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) has

The bureau is mandated by law to maintain a high standard of public
morality in the conduct of government business by ensuring that public
officers conform to the highest standard of accountability.

The CCB chairman, Sam Saba, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the
bureau is having problems with some governors who have yet to declare
their assets one month after assuming office. However, he refused to
mention the erring governors by name.

He said: “The governors are not even supposed to start work as political
office holders until they declare their assets. It is provided in Section 185
of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

“It reads that; a person elected to the office of a governor of a state
shall not begin to perform the function of that office until he has
declared his assets and liabilities.”

Saba said that despite this, some governors were inaugurated without
doing so. He attributed this to ignorance of this section by the governors.

“It is not like they are not willing to declare, but because of the
erroneous impression that they have up to three months within which to
declare their assets and liabilities.

“But the issue is that they are supposed to have declared before being
sworn in as governors,” he added.