3 Nigerians Jailed for 13 Years in the UK for Using “Juju” for Sexual Exploitation

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Three Nigerians namely Olusoji Oluwafemi, 44,
Johnson Olayinka, 45, and Florence Obadiaru, 48,
were jailed for 13 years collectively for human

According to Daily Mail UK, an innocent 23-year-old
Nigerian girl was conned into flying to Heathrow
Airport on a bogus passport, with the promise of
education, a job and new home.

When she got to London, she was raped, beaten and
subjected to “Juju” ritual before being sent to Italy
where she was to become a prostitute.

She swore an oath in the fetish ceremony that
involved cutting her armpit and pubic hair and taking
finger nail clippings.

On getting to Milan, Police discovered that she had a
forged passport and sent her back to London where
she was rescued by the police.

Police believe that close to all the 160 Nigerian
victims rescued last years had been subjected to
sinister rituals aimed at terrifying them into

They revealed that many were taken to witchdoctors
who cut them, rubbed black powder in their wounds
and threatened them with death if they ran away.

Liam Vernon of the National Crime Agency (NCA)
said, “This isn’t a phenomenon that is just affecting
Britain, it is a Europe-wide problem. They are moving
women around to avoid detection.

These rituals are simply a method controlling the
women who are from a region where juju is not
always seen as necessarily a bad thing.

But it is very powerful and there are very strong
beliefs that you must adhere to what is said or very
bad things will happen to you and your family.”

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The 23-year-old girl who is poorly educated and
spoke little English, volunteered to travel to London
because her family had been suffering since her
father’s death in 2008.

She was told that she must repay £40,000 by working
in the UK and taken to a witchdoctor to pledge total

The arrested victims were in contact with a woman
who searches poor Nigerian villages looking for
young women to exploit. The woman also supplied
another crime gang which was caught last year. She
is the centre of an international manhunt.

All 3 Nigerians were convicted of trafficking the
woman for sexual exploitation, as well as arranging
her transfer to Italy.

The mastermind Oluwafemi was sentenced to 6 and
1/2 years, Johnson who organised her fake passport
was given a 4 and 1/2 years prison term, while
Florence who kept the victim at her house before
being sent off to Italy, was sentenced 2 years in jail.