2014 Expo Waec Geography Paper 3(Practical& Physical Geo)


(1a)To draw the map to a new scale from 1:50,000 to
1:25,000 means to enlarge the map to twice its
original size.
i.e old scale/new scale =50,000/25000=2

(ii)administrative duties

(i) presence of rivers for fishing,shrubs and scattered
cultivations for minimal crop production.
(ii)presence of good road networks showing urban
(iii)presence of school and market showing for
administrative use
(iv) presence of hospitals showing health function.

Latitudes are angular distances drawn along the earth
surface dividing the earth north and south of the
equator. They include the equator, tropics of cancer
and Capricorn, the arctic and antarctic circles and the
north and south pole.

(i) they are both measured in angles.
(ii)they both combine to determine the exact position
of places on the earth
(iii)they both contain great circles.

(3cii)the lines of latitudes are called parallels while
that of longitudes are called meridians.

(3ciii)the lines of latitudes are used for calculating
distance while that of longitudes are used for
calculating local time.

(3civ)the lines of latitudes run from west to east while
that of longitudes run from north to south.

(3cv)the lines of latitude measure up to 180 degree
while that of longitude measure up to 360 degree.

(4)a climate is the average weather condition of a
place over a period of time usually measured over a
period of about 35years.

Chemically formed sedimentary rocks are
precipitation from rock solutions.
(5b) sodium chloride, dolomite and gypsum.
(5c) they are mainly important as salts which includes
table salts which is a mineral component of food for
man and also chemical salts used in laboratory.

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