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10 Categories Of People You Will Meet At Football Betshops


Naijanote members, I trust that you must have come across these categories of people at football bet shops (1960bet, Bet9ja, Merrybet, Surebet etc)

1. Toilet Roll Players

I call these people greedy dudes, they will accumulate up to 28 matches because they want their standard of living to change

2. Ticket Reprinters

These ones are always looking for the possible win for every printed tickets and once they see your possible win is a huge amount of money, they will quickly ask the attendant to reprint it.

3. The Questionnaires

The ones are only there to discuss football. They are there to ask questions like, bros abeg do you think Chelsea will handicap Hull City today?

4. Almost Won Ticket Keepers

These ones always keep their “almost won tickets” just to show to everybody that ” na only one 1 team spoil d ticket.

5. The Boasters

These ones will boast as if they are the ones that will play the match. They can even swear with their lives just to show that they know what the outcome of the match would be like. For example, if Madrid no beat Celta Vigo, make I no prosper for life

6. History Tellers

These ones will tell everybody that they ought to have won N100, 000 last season, if not for Barcelona deprived them of their winning by losing to Osasuna

7. The Advicers

These ones are always there to give a piece of advice to you. They always claim they know in and out of football.. For example, chairman abeg no give Man Utd Straight win against Sunderland ooooo, or else, na dem go spoil ur ticket

8. The Prophets

These ones will collect your ticket and check your predicted macthes. After checking it, they will give you concrete reasons why you will lose the bet. You will hear something like “bros I swear dis ur ticket no fit enter at all, you no suppose give Man Utd straight win against Sunderland, na 1.5 you suppose give dem

9. The Gullible Ones

10. The High Self Esteemers

Just because they want to stake high (N5, 000), they will bypass protocol making every other person look like they are poor and jobless. They won’t stay on the queue and will go straight to the attendant

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Updated: July 17, 2015 — 8:02 am
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